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Mass Entertainment
The Rise of Mass Entertainment
The World Series
The Circus
The World's Fair
Coney Island
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Test Your Knowledge

You probably already know something about mass entertainment in the early 20th century. This quiz is an opportunity to check your knowledge before you start your explorations. After answering all of the questions, click "Check Your Answers."

1.  Around what year did mass entertainment become popular in industrialized countries?
2.   What factor contributed to the rise of mass entertainment?
Improved public health
A decline in literacy
Reduced working hours
International peace
3.   What description best characterizes the circus?
An American form of entertainment
A broadly popular spectacle with roots in ancient civilizations
A British transplant to the United States
A Russian invention
4.   How many large circus companies toured the United States around 1900?
5.   Where was America's most famous amusement park located?
New York City
6.   What Coney Island feature most attracted visitors?
Cartoon characters
Mechanized rides
Free admission
Educational exhibits
7.   How many world's fairs did the United States host between 1900 and 1910?
8.   What historic event, which occurred about a century earlier, did the 1904 World's Fair commemorate?
The Civil War
The Revolutionary War
The Louisiana Purchase
The Missouri Compromise
9.   At the turn of the century, professional baseball was played in what part of the United States?
The Southwest
The Northeast
The Southeast
The Midwest
10.   What teams competed in baseball's first World Series?
San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees
Brooklyn Dodgers and Washington Senators
Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Pilgrims
St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox



Credits: Cy Young © Bettmann/Corbis; Roller Coaster © Culver Pictures.

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