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Counting: Calendars and Cords
Three Great Civilizations
The Maya: Ancient Timekeepers
Aztec Legends and Calendars
Accountants of the Inca
The Spanish Conquest
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Mayan Civilization http://www.indians.org/ welker/ maya.htm
A discussion of the geography, culture, politics, and arts of the Maya; includes an enlightening article "Mysteries of the Mayans."

Mesoamerican Calendars http://www.d.umn.edu/ cla/ faculty/ troufs/ anth3618/ macalend.html
A unique site that provides a thorough explanation of early Mesoamerican calendars. Includes an almanac and a Mesoamerican date calculator.

A Walk Through Time: The Evolution of Time Measurement http://physics.nist.gov/ GenInt/ Time/ time.html
An authoritative history of timekeeping from the National Institute of Standards and Time Physics Laboratory.

Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations http://www.angelfire.com/ ca/ humanorigins/ index.html
Links to Mesoamerican history sites.

The Maya Astronomy Page http://www.michielb.nl/ maya/ astro.html
Overview of the Maya, including information about accomplishments in mathematics, calendars, writing, and astronomy.

Andes Expedition http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ andes/ andes.html
National Geographic account of the 1997 Andean expedition that discovered the skeletal remains of a 500-year-old child sacrifice.

Nova Online: Ice Mummies of the Inca http://www.pbs.org/ wgbh/ nova/ peru/
Nova Online special chronicling the 1996 expedition in Peru to uncover frozen Incan mummies.

Ice Treasures of the Inca http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ features/ 96/ mummy/ index.html
A fascinating interactive expedition of the 1995 discovery by Johan Reinhard of an Incan mummy; outstanding photos with information that includes maps, journals, and audio excerpts.

Calendars Through the Ages http://webexhibits.org/ calendars/
A good explanation of different units of time and how calendars came to be.

The Aztecs/Mexicas http://www.indians.org/ welker/ aztec.htm
Introduction to the Aztecs, several quality sites listed, and detailed information about the Sun Stone, and about Aztec gods and rulers.

Credits: Aztec Calendar Stone © Kimball Morrison/South American Pictures.

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Counting: Calendars & Cords
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These topics correspond to chapters in the Patterns of Interaction series (McDougal Littell, 2005).