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Unit 1: Investigating Earth — Local Resources


National Atlas—online GIS mapping site


Find a topographic map of your local area
Keycode: ES0308



Scanned topographic maps for the U.S.A.

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Unit 2: Earth's Matter — Local Resources


Mineral Resources by state—online GIS mapping site


USGS information by state


Environmental Protection Agency Superfund sites—online GIS mapping



Geologic Provinces of the U.S.A.


Geology and Topography—U.S. maps

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Unit 3: Dynamic Earth — Local Resources


Volcanic hazards in the U.S.


Groundshaking hazards in the contiguous U.S.


USGS information by state




FEMA Disasters by state


Plate motion calculator


Volcanic Activity

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Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface — Local Resources


State Soils


Landslide hazards in the contiguous U.S.


Dam removal projects
Keycode: ES1307


Information about your watershed
Keycode: ES1407



Streamflow data


Water data for the nation


Aquifer maps—online GIS mapping

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Unit 5: Atmosphere and Weather — Local Resources


Current weather conditions


Current weather satellite images


Wind speeds over the ocean for the past 10 days-Global map


Effects of climate change by state



Federal disaster map




Monitor local precipitation using current radar images.
Keycode: ES1808

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Unit 6: Earth's Oceans — Local Resources


U.S. Coastal Waters Temperatures


Marine weather forecasts—coastal areas of the U.S.


Sea surface temperature products—Global map



Nighttime sea surface temperature—Global map


Coral bleaching hotspots—Global map


Significant wave heights-Global map

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Unit 7: Space — Local Resources


Maps of the night sky


Current phase of the moon

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Unit 8: Earth's History — Local Resources


Official State Fossils


Paleogeographic Globes—Locations of continents through time



Geology and Topography—U.S. maps

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