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Chapter 1: Earth as a System


How Are Earth's Spheres Interacting?
Keycode: ES0103



How Do Interactions among Earth's Spheres Vary Regionally?
Keycode: ES0108

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Chapter 2: The Nature of Science


How Might a Scientist Investigate Annual Patterns of Fires?
Keycode: ES0201



How Might You Investigate Scientific Phenomena?
Keycode: ES0205

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Chapter 3: Models of Earth


How Do Map Projections Distort Earth's Surface?
Keycode: ES0301


How Are Landforms Represented on Flat Maps?
Keycode: ES0307



How Do Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Help Us See Patterns on Earth?
Keycode: ES0303

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Unit 1: Investigating Earth


How Can Getting Farther Away from Earth Help Us See It More Clearly?
Keycode: ESU101

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Chapter 4: Earth's Structure and Motion


How Do We Know about Layers Deep within Earth?
Keycode: ES0402



What Time Is It?
Keycode: ES0405

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Chapter 5: Atoms to Minerals


How Many Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Are in Common Elements?
Keycode: ES0501



How Do Crystals Grow?
Keycode: ES0506

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Chapter 6: Rocks


How Do Rocks Undergo Change?
Keycode: ES0602


What Kind of Rock Is This?
Keycode: ES0610



How Do Igneous Rocks Form?
Keycode: ES0603

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Chapter 7: Resources and the Environment


What Happens When an Oil Spill Occurs?
Keycode: ES0703


What Environmental Changes Can We See with Satellites?
Keycode: ES0707



Why Is This Place Protected?
Keycode: ES0705

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Unit 2: Earth's Matter


Paper or Plastic—Which Type of Bag Is Better for the Environment?
Keycode: ESU201

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Chapter 8: Plate Tectonics


What Is Earth's Crust Like?
Keycode: ES0801


How Fast Do Plates Move?
Keycode: ES0810



How Old Is the Atlantic Ocean?
Keycode: ES0802

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Chapter 9: Volcanoes


How Are Volcanoes Related to Plate Tectonics?
Keycode: ES0901


Is It Safe to Live Near a Volcano?
Keycode: ES0907



How Fast Do Gases from Volcanic Eruptions Travel?
Keycode: ES0906

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Chapter 10: Earthquakes


How Are Earthquakes Related to Plate Tectonics?
Keycode: ES1001


Which Fault Moved in the Northridge Earthquake?
Keycode: ES1010



Where Was That Earthquake?
Keycode: ES1003

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Chapter 11: Mountain Building


How Are Mountains Related to Plate Tectonics?
Keycode: ES1101


What Forces Created These Geologic Features?
Keycode: ES1106



How Do Rocks Respond to Stress?
Keycode: ES1102

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Unit 3: Dynamic Earth


How Can One Volcano Change the World?
Keycode: ESU301

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Chapter 12: Weathering, Soil, and Erosion


When Is Mud Dangerous?
Keycode: ES1204



How Does Soil Vary from Place to Place?
Keycode: ES1206

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Chapter 13: Surface Water


How Does Stream Flow Change over Time?
Keycode: ES1301


Have Flood Controls on the Mississippi River Been Successful?
Keycode: ES1308



What Controls the Shape of a Delta?
Keycode: ES1304

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Chapter 14: Ground Water


How Does Water Move through the Ground?
Keycode: ES1401



How Many People Can an Aquifer Support?
Keycode: ES1406

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Chapter 15: Glaciers


How Does Land Cover Affect Global Temperature?
Keycode: ES1504



How Fast Do Glaciers Flow?
Keycode: ES1507

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Chapter 16: Wind, Waves, and Currents


What Controls the Shape and Motion of Sand Dunes?
Keycode: ES1603


How Do Storms Affect Coastlines?
Keycode: ES1608



Where Did This Sand Come From?
Keycode: ES1607

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Unit 4: Earth's Changing Surface


What Are the Costs and Benefits of Damming a River?
Keycode: ESU401

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Chapter 17: Atmosphere


What Can You Learn from a Thermometer on a Rising Balloon?
Keycode: ES1702


How Does the Ozone Layer Change over Time?
Keycode: ES1708



How Does the Temperature at One Location Change over a Year?
Keycode: ES1706

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Chapter 18: Water in the Atmosphere


Which Way Does the Wind Blow?
Keycode: ES1806



How Acidic Is Your Rain?
Keycode: ES1807

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Chapter 19: Atmosphere in Motion


How Does the Jet Stream Change through the Year?
Keycode: ES1906



Could You Break the Record for an Around-the-World Balloon Flight?
Keycode: ES1908

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Chapter 20: Weather


How Does a Mid-Latitude Low Develop into a Storm System?
Keycode: ES2003



How Well Can You Predict Tomorrow's Weather?
Keycode: ES2013

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Chapter 21: Climate and Climate Change


What Factors Control Your Local Climate?
Keycode: ES2101



How Do Ice Cores of Glaciers Tell Us about Past Climates?
Keycode: ES2105

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Unit 5: Atmosphere and Weather


How Might Global Climate Change Affect Life on Earth?
Keycode: ESU501

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Chapter 22: The Water Planet


How Do Temperature and Salinity Affect Mixing in the Oceans?
Keycode: ES2202



What Is Responsible for Smaller Shrimp Catches?
Keycode: ES2206

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Chapter 23: The Ocean Floor


What Does the Ocean Floor Look Like?
Keycode: ES2301



When Were the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Separated by Land?
Keycode: ES2307

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Chapter 24: The Moving Ocean


How Can One Ocean Current Affect the Whole North Atlantic?
Keycode: ES2403


Could You Break the Record for an Ocean Sailboat Race?
Keycode: ES2407



How Do Tides Work?
Keycode: ES2406

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Unit 6: Earth's Oceans


Can We Blame El Niño for Wild Weather?
Keycode: ESU601

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Chapter 25: Earth's Moon


What if Earth and the Moon Were Hit by Twin Asteroids?
Keycode: ES2506

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Chapter 26: The Sun and the Solar System


Why Does the Size of the Sun Appear to Change?
Keycode: ES2603



How Does the Sunspot Cycle Affect Earth?
Keycode: ES2605

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Chapter 27: The Planets and the Solar System


How Fast Does the Wind Blow on Jupiter?
Keycode: ES2704



What Processes Shape Planetary Surfaces?
Keycode: ES2708

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Chapter 28: Stars and Galaxies


What Does the Spectrum of a Star Tell Us about Its Temperature?
Keycode: ES2803



What Happens as a Star Runs Out of Hydrogen?
Keycode: ES2810

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Unit 7: Space


Could Mars Support Life?
Keycode: ESU701

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Chapter 29: Studying the Past


What Stories Do Rocks Tell?
Keycode: ES2903


How Did the Layers of the Grand Canyon Form?
Keycode: ES2906



How Do Trees Record Time?
Keycode: ES2905

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Chapter 30: Views of Earth's Past


How Has Life Changed over Geologic Time?
Keycode: ES3002



Where and When Did Dinosaurs Live?
Keycode: ES3008

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Unit 8: Earth's History


What Caused the Mass Extinction Recorded at the K-T Boundary?
Keycode: ESU801

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