How Does the Sunspot Cycle Affect Earth?
ES2605  Long-Term Effects

Long-term effects of the solar wind on Earth are more difficult to observe. Looking for them requires comparing environmental measurements with the solar cycle over long periods of time. Unfortunately, while we have nearly 400 years of sunspot data, there is little reliable environmental data going back that far.

To look for long-term effects, you will examine graphs of six different measurements and compare them to sunspot numbers for the same time period. Look for any patterns that suggest the two measurements might be related in some way.

  !   Click each image to examine a pair of graphs. Look for patterns in the graphs that suggest a connection between sunspot number and the environmental measurement. Use your observations to answer question 9 below.

9. In the table, write the name of the environmental measurement and tell whether you think there is a correlation (connection) between the measurement and the sunspot number.

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