What Factors Control Your Local Climate?
ES2101  Describe Your Local Climate

Now, you'll collect data about your own local climate, or the climate of a major city near you. Climate graphs such as the ones you've been viewing are available for major cities in all 50 states.

  !   Click the text link below to access the Climate Diagnostic Center. Choose your state, then click the city nearest to your location. Record the climate information in the "My Home" column of Data Table 1.

Color shaded relief map showing elevation ranges in the contiguous United States.


  !   Click here to access data from the Climate Diagnostic Center. Additional climate information (presented in tables rather than graphs) is available from the World Climate site.

7. On another sheet of paper, write a description of your local climate. Discuss characteristics such as timing and types of precipitation you receive, minimum and maximum temperatures and their timing, and any other aspects you think most accurately describe your local climate.

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