When Is Mud Dangerous?
ES1204  Synthesis

Jim Scheidt, Bureau of Land Management
Cleanup efforts following a mudflow near Glenwood Springs, Colorado in September 1994. Two months earlier, the area upstream from here experienced a wildfire that stripped the slopes of vegetation. An intense rainstorm resulted in a mudflow that covered a portion of Interstate 70, blocking the major traffic route through the Rocky Mountain corridor for a day.

9. Write a paragraph describing the conditions that cause dangerous mudflows. Include the types of locations where mudslides are most likely to occur.

  !   For further information on mudslides, landslides, and debris flows, examine these fact sheets:

Safety tips for people who live in or visit mudslide-prone areas

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Fact sheets on landslides and debris flows

National Landslide Information Center

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