McDougal Littell WebQuest


The Artist, Scribe, and Cultural Adviser

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  • Create a layout of the pharaoh's tomb and label all its parts.
  • Provide examples of the art, paintings, statues, poems, records, and items of daily life that will be included in the pharaoh's tomb.
  • Write down descriptions of Egyptian cultural and religious beliefs to help explain the contents of the tomb.
  • Print the worksheet and answer the questions. Use the worksheet to organize your presentation before the pharaoh.

You will need to learn about the purpose and design of burial tombs in ancient Egypt and funeral practices when pharaohs died. You will also need to become familiar with the religion and cultural beliefs of Egyptians. Explore the work of scribes and artisans and the life of pharaohs to make decisions about the contents of the tomb. Use the resources below for your research.

Print Worksheet
World History: Ancient Civilizations (McDougal Littell)
Chapter 5, "Ancient Egypt"

Ancient Egypt: The British Museum menu.html
Visit "Egyptian Life," "Gods and Goddesses," "Mummification," "Pharaoh," and "Writing" to learn about tomb paintings and decoration, the afterlife, coffins, scribes, and tomb writings.

Egypt, Secrets of an Ancient World: National Geographic pyramids/ pyramids.html
Visit "Introduction to Pyramids" for an overview of ancient Egypt that will give you a foundation for your WebQuest.

Pyramids: Nova wgbh/ nova/ pyramid/ explore/
The "Explore the Pyramids" section of this Web site will give you an overview of ancient Egypt and the lives of pharaohs. Also visit the "Hieroglyphs: Say What?" section.