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What Is ClassZone?

ClassZone is McDougal Littell's companion Web site. Inside ClassZone, you will find resources to supplement many of McDougal Littell's language arts, mathematics, social studies, and world languages textbooks.
Each companion site features a wealth of resources designed specifically to enhance the learning and teaching of concepts featured in the accompanying textbook.

Students will find:
  • activities, crossword puzzles, and games—all designed to make learning easy and fun!
  • hundreds of links that correlate to concepts taught in the textbook. Perfect for those interested in learning more about a subject, getting extra help, or doing research on the Web.
  • interactive quizzes that test students' understanding of concepts.
  • an Internet tutorial to help students conduct research on the Web.
Teachers will find:
  • access to all of the student resources listed above.
  • a teacher center filled with lesson ideas, assessments, and articles about many important issues facing educators today.
  • an online lesson planner that allows you to automate your daily lesson plan, browse all resource materials online, and participate in discussion forums with other educators.
ClassZone is interactive, educational, easy-to-use—and it's available FREE to all users of McDougal Littell textbooks. For information about ordering McDougal Littell products, visit our online catalog.

Unlock a whole new world of learning!
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