Searching Reasearch zone

Welcome to Research Zone!

This tutorial is designed to help you explore the ins and outs of conducting effective research on the Internet. Research Zone gives you all the tools you'll need to
  • understand basic Internet terminology

  • search the Web without wasting time

  • conduct thorough, systematic Internet research

  • judge a Web site's usefulness and reliability

  • cite electronic sources

Become a Web Research Specialist!

Complete our Research Zone tutorial successfully and become a McDougal Littell Web Research Specialist, ready to conquer the most intimidating homework assignment using the best of the Web.

Follow these guidelines to become a Web Research Specialist:
  1. Research Zone is divided into six sections and is most useful if completed sequentially. Navigate the sections by clicking on the subject headings at the top of each page or on the links at the bottom of each page.

  2. As you progress through Research Zone, you will find icons labeled "tell me more," "try it out," and "quick quiz."

    tell me more links to in-depth explanations and definitions of topics, provided by
    try it out lets you experiment interactively with what you've learned.
    quick quiz shows you whether you have mastered a concept. Instant feedback tells you how you're progressing.

  3. Complete the final quiz (on the "conclusion" page). If you've followed the tutorial closely, our final quiz will be a breeze. A score of 70% or better enables you to download your Web Research Specialist certificate.

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