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I, Juan de Pareja

The works listed will allow your students to further explore the theme of Perservering under Difficult Odds and other themes related to I, Juan de Pareja:

Aiken, Joan. The Teeth of the Gale. New York: Harper, 1988. A story of love, danger, and political intrigue set against the background of 1820s Spain. (average)

Fleischman, Paul. Saturnalia. New York: Harper, 1990. Set in Boston in 1681, this work of historical fiction concerns an Indian captive turned printer's apprentice and the relationships between masters and slaves—both African and Native American—following the Puritans' Indian wars. (average)

Konigsburg, E. L. The Second Mrs. Giaconda. New York: Atheneum, 1975. A work of historical fiction about Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, his relationship with an apprentice named Salai, and one of his most important--and most mysterious--works of art. (easy)

Allen, Agnes. The Story of Painting. London: Faber, 1966. This work traces the development of painting from the Renaissance through modern art and includes more than 40 illustrations. (average)

Davidson, Rosemary. Take a Look: An Introduction to the Experience of Art. New York: Viking, 1993. This informative and entertaining work covers a wide range of cultures, concepts, styles, artists, and media, and invites readers to discover that art is something everyone can understand, appreciate, and enjoy. (average)

What the Painter Sees. New York: Scholastic, 1996. This work is part of an innovative series of books about the arts and sciences called Voyages of Discovery. The book is interactive, allowing readers to use tracing paper to compare lines of perspective in three paintings, mix and match features from portraits, and explore the history of painting through time and space. (easy)