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The House of Dies Drear

The following collection of thematically related readings is available in The House of Dies Drear and Related Readings in McDougal Littell's Literature Connections series.

"haunted house" by Valerie Worth
(from More Small Poems, © 1976)
Summary: The mood of this poem may remind you of feelings you had as you read The House of Dies Drear.

"The House on the Island" adapted by Walter B. Gibson
(from Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Revisited, © 1964)
Summary: This haunted house story from The Twilight Zone takes a different twist from The House of Dies Drear.

"The Stationmasters" by James Haskins
(from Get on Board: The Story of the Underground Railroad, © 1993)
Summary: Learn about the courageous "stationmasters" along the underground railroad in this selection. Notice the variety of people who helped the slaves escape.

"Runagate Runagate" by Robert Hayden
(from Angle of Ascent: New and Selected Poems, © 1966)
Summary: This is a passionate poem about escaping slaves.

When the Rattlesnake Sounds by Alice Childress, © 1975
Summary: This play shows a glimpse of Harriet Tubman's life between her dangerous journeys on the Underground Railroad.

"The Secret Room" by William M. Dorr
(from American Heritage, © 1993)
Summary: What if you discovered a hidden room or learned that your house had been a stop on the Underground Railroad?

"Bound for Freedom" by Laura McCarty
(from National Parks, © 1991)
Summary: Stops on the Underground railroad still exist for us to visit today. The National Parks Service is determined that this legacy of the Underground railroad will not be lost.