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The following collection of thematically related readings is available in Homecoming and Related Readings in McDougal Littell's Literature Connections series.

"Shells" by Cynthia Rylant
(from Every Living Thing, © 1985)
Summary: After the death of his parents, 14-year-old Michael is unhappy in his new home with Aunt Esther; one day, her concern for his pet hermit crab leads to a memorable outing and a new understanding.

"Little Sister" by Nikki Grimes
(from Something on My Mind, © 1978)
Summary: The speaker in this poem reveals her protective feelings for her younger sister, who trusts her completely.

"A Christmas Tree for Lydia" by Elizabeth Enright, © 1979
Summary: Despite his lack of money, a young boy named Eddy finds a heartwarming way to bring his little sister the essence of the Christmas season.

"The Journey" by Hu Feng
(from Twentieth Century Chinese Poetry, © 1963)
Summary: With the support of a "faded dream," the speaker in this poem continues a lonely journey.

Excerpt from "The Resilient Child" by Kevin Bushweller, © 1995
Summary: This article explains why some children are able to overcome difficult circumstances that often overwhelm other children.

"Train Time" by D'Arcy McNickle
(from The Hawk is Hungry & Other Stories)
Summary: Set against the historical background of the Indian re-education movement of the late 19th century, this story shows how well-meaning authorities may unintentionally victimize families.

Excerpt from "A Celebration of Grandfathers" by Rudolfo A. Anaya,
© 1983
Summary: In this memoir, Anaya shares the lessons about life that he learned from his beloved grandmother.