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The Glory Field

The following collection of thematically related readings is available in The Glory Field and Related Readings in McDougal Littell's Literature Connections series.

Excerpts from To Be a Slave by Julius Lester, © 1968
Summary: Julius Lester presents an overview of the slave trade and a first-hand account of an African who was shipped to America in chains.

"The Washed Window" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
(from A Harvest of Stories, © 1993)
Summary: A freed slave (identified as Booker T. Washington at the end of the short story) recounts the task that changed his life.

"Satchel Paige" by Bill Littlefield
(from Champions: Stories of Ten Remarkable Athletes, © 1993)
Summary: This biography focuses on the legendary pitcher who for most of his career was not allowed to play in the major leagues.

"The Roots" by Hugo Salazar Tamariz
(from New Voices in Hispanic America, © 1962)
Summary: This poem celebrates the mystical bond between the speaker's people and the land.

"Goodbye, Grandma" by Ray Bradbury
(from Dandelion Wine, © 1957)
Summary: A woman approaches death with confidence and dignity, sharing timeless truths with family members she loves.

"A Kinsman" by Jim Wayne Miller
(from The Music of What Happens, © 1980)
Summary: The speaker of this poem discovers an old photo and claims a relationship with the person in the picture.

"Home" by Gwendolyn Brooks
(from Blacks, © 1991)
Summary: A mother and her two daughters try to reconcile themselves to the likely loss of their home.

"Who Can Be Born Black" by Mari Evans
(from Nightstar, © 1981)
Summary: The speaker of this poem exults in her heritage and in her deep sense of community.