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The Glory Field

The works listed will allow your students to further explore the theme of The Power of Inner Strength and Family Ties and other themes related to The Glory Field:

Armstrong, William Howard. Sounder. Harper & Row, 1969. Amid misery and injustice, a boy finds strength of spirit through the courage of his father's dog. (easy)

Taylor, Mildred D. Let the Circle Be Unbroken. Dial, 1981. The Logan family copes with discrimination and hard times during the Depression in rural Mississippi. (average)

Brooks, Gwendolyn. Maud Martha. Harper, 1953. Set in Chicago in the 1950s, this episodic novel follows an African-American girl through her youth, marriage, and early motherhood. (easy)

Clifton, Lucille. Generations: A Memoir. Random House, 1976. The American poet traces her heritage to a great-great-grandmother born in Dahomey, kidnapped and enslaved at age eight, and finally freed after the U.S. Civil War. (challenge)

Delany, Sarah L. and Dr. A. Elizabeth. Having Our Say. Dell, 1993. These reflections and memories of two African-American sisters, both centenarians, vividly depict some of the challenges that African Americans have faced. (average)