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The Giver

The following collection of thematically related readings is available in The Giver and Related Readings in McDougal Littell's Literature Connections series.

"Newbery Award Acceptance Speech" by Lois Lowry
(from Journal of Youth Services in Libraries, Volume 7 © 1994)
Summary: In her acceptance speech for the Newbery Medal, Lois Lowry explains how her own memories inspired ideas for her book.

"The Role of the Griot in West African Society" by D'Jimo Kouyate
(from Talk That Talk )
Summary: This essay explains the griot, an important figure in traditional African societies.

"Jeremiah's Song" by Walter Dean Myers
(from Visions, © 1987)
Summary: In this short story, the narrator must decide whether such memories are bridges to the past or just a waste of time.

"The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury
(from The Reporter, © 1979)
Summary: How does Ray Bradbury's vision of society in this short story compare to Lowry's futuristic world?

"Old Glory" by Bruce Coville, © 1991
Summary: The speaker in this poem tells about life in a "safe" but restricted environment.

"The Forecast" by Dan Jaffee, © 1964
Summary: In this story, two characters also make decisions about the cost of freedom.

"Drawing by Ronnie C., Grade One" by Ruth Lechlitner
(from Saturday Review, © 1967)
Summary: What can you learn from this poem about seeing the world around you?

"The Case of S" by Milton Meltzer
(from The Landscape of Memory, © 1987)
Summary: In this excerpt, Meltzer discusses people whose memories are exceptional.