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The following collection of thematically related readings is available in Dogsong and Related Readings in McDougal Littell's Literature Connections series.

Poems from I Breathe a New Song by Richard Lewis, © 1971
Summary: These three examples of Eskimo poetry describe the joys and pains of hunters from the past.

"Susan Butcher" by Bill Littlefield
(from Champions, © 1993)
Summary: According to this biography of the record-holding Iditarod racer, the responsiveness of her sled dogs has proven to be the key to her success.

"The First Americans" by Marion Wood
(from Spirits, Heroes, & Hunters from North American Indian Mythology, © 1981)
Summary: This example of informational writing describes the forces that influenced the rugged way of life of first Eskimos in North America and the strength Eskimos derived from their religious beliefs and myths.

"A Journey" by Nikki Giovanni
(from Those Who Ride the Night Winds © 1983)
Summary: About to embark on a journey with a companion, the speaker faces the unknown openly and fearlessly.

"A Mother's Yarn" by James Riordan
(from Those Who Ride the Night Winds © 1984)
Summary: In this Arctic folk tale, young Nastai listens to her late mother's "voice" to overcome the hardships imposed by her father's sudden remarriage.

Words on a Page by Keith Leckie
Summary: Lenore, the main character of this teleplay, shows promise as a writer and is chosen as a finalist in a competition. Tensions arise when it appears she is abandoning her Ojibway background.

"The King of Mazy May" by Jack London
Summary: In this classic adventure story, 14-year-old Walt Masters must rely on a team of sled dogs in a life-or-death chase across the Yukon Territory.