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The Diary of Anne Frank

The following collection of thematically related readings is available in The Diary of Anne Frank and Related Readings in McDougal Littell's Literature Connections series.

Excerpts from Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, © 1952
Summary: These diary entries will let students hear Anne Frank's own voice.

Excerpt from Anne Frank Remembered by Miep Gies with Alison Leslie Gold, © 1987)
Summary: In this excerpt, Miep Gies tells how she was able to rescue Anne's diary, and how she found out the fate of her friends.

"Bubili: A Gypsy's Fight for Survival" by Ina R. Friedman
(from The Other Victims, © 1990)
Summary: This selection shows how one boy used his wits and every resource he could muster to survive the Nazi persecution of Gypsies in Hungary.

"The Bracelet" by Yoshiko Uchida
(from Japanese Journey: The Story of a People)
Summary: In this story, a young girl manages to keep her hope and faith in others, despite the injustices she suffers.

"Schindler's Jews" by Milton Meltzer
(from Rescue: The Story of How Gentiles Saved Jews in the Holocaust, © 1988)
Summary: The story of Oskar Schindler and his heroic rescue of 1,200 Jews from the concentration camps.

"Elegy for Anne Frank" by Jessica Smith
(from Literary Calvacade, © 1990)
Summary: This poem is one of many testimonies of how Anne Frank's diary continues to touch us more than 50 years after her death.