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Budge Wilson

Though Budge Wilson wanted to be a writer ever since she was a child, she did not actually begin writing for publication until the age of 50. "It may seem odd for someone my age to be writing for and about children," she has said. "But I remember my own youth very vividly, and I've watched my own children and their friends grow up. . . . I don't find it very hard to enter the head and heart of a fictional person who is much younger than I am."

Wilson, who makes her home in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she grew up, has set many of her stories in that province. These stories reflect her deep curiosity about people and her observations of them. For example, in "Waiting" she explores her curiosity about the relationships between sisters. Her fiction for young adults has won numerous awards. For example, The Leaving, a collection of short stories that includes "Waiting," won the Canadian Library Association's Young Adult Book Award for 1991 and was chosen by the American Library Association in 1994 as one of the 75 Best Children's Books of the last 25 years. Her latest novel, Sharla, will be published in the United States early in 1998.

Before becoming a writer, Budge Wilson worked for over 20 years as a fitness instructor, and was also employed as a teacher, commercial artist and photographer. However, she has found that she loves writing more than any other thing that she has tried. As she puts it, "A person who loves to write is never lonely; within his or her own head, a writer always has a safe and very interesting place to go."