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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are you changing your registration system?

A. Our new system makes the process of registering simpler. We won’t require as much information (such as address). The new system also makes it easier to change your password. Finally, this change was necessary so that we could deliver eServices to our customers.

Q. What is eServices?

A. McDougal Littell eServices is our new suite of online products designed to help teachers and students:

  • Plan It … using EasyPlanner Plus Online
  • Teach It … using eEditions Plus Online
  • Assess It … using eTest Plus Online

Q. Do I need this ClassZone Teacher Access Code every time I visit classzone.com?

A. No. The ClassZone Teacher Access Code is used one time—when you register. It’s our proof that you have the right to view teaching materials within ClassZone.

Q. What do I need every time I visit classzone.com?

A. Once you’ve completed the re-registration process, you just need your unique username and password. Click on the Sign In link at the top of the page to enter your username and password.

Q. When I re-register, can I pick the same username as I had before?

A. Yes, you can, although we recommend that you use your e-mail address. We find that many people forget their usernames and choosing an e-mail address is easier to remember. Also, re-registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you like "mathteacher" as a username, someone else might have already chosen it as his or her username.

Q. What’s a security question?

A. Our security questions are used to identify you if you ever want to change your password. You’ll need to be able to answer the security question (such as "Your first car or bike make?") accurately in order to change your password.

Q. Do students need to register (or re-register)?

A. No. The only materials on classzone.com that require a username and password are teaching materials and our eServices products.

Q. If that’s true, why is there a Student access code in my book (or why was I given a student access code by a teacher)?

A. The student access code, while still printed in the books, is not currently necessary. In our new ClassZone design, we are trying to make the student companion Web site materials as easy to access as possible.

Q. What do you do with this information I provide when I re-register?

A. We are committed to the privacy of our customers. If you’d like, you can review our Privacy Policy.

Q. What do I do if I can’t find the ClassZone Teacher Access Code?

A. First, look here for guidance on where to find the ClassZone Teacher Access Code. But, if it’s not printed in your edition, you can call our Customer Service Department at 800-462-6595. They can provide the ClassZone key to you.

Q. What if I need help walking through the registration or sign in process?

A. You can e-mail our Technical Support group or call 800-727-3009. Their phone hours are Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST, and on Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Q. If I register, do I automatically get eServices?

A. No. Registration gives you a username and password. When you give us a ClassZone Teacher Access Code, you can get to the companion Web site’s teaching materials. In order to access eServices, you must place an order with our Customer Service Department. You’ll get special instructions on how to pick up and use your eServices then. Learn more about eServices.