Unidad 4 Etapa 2 En el mercado


In En el mercado, you learned to talk about shopping, make purchases, talk about giving gifts, and bargain. Do you help with the shopping at home? What things do you usually buy? How does your day to day shopping differ from the kind of shopping you would do in a place like Oaxaca while you are on vacation? For starters, you’d be using different currency–so you’d have to check the exchange rate between dollars and pesos.


Visit these links as you think about some of the things that you can buy in the mercados. Keep a notepad handy to jot down any ideas or things that you find interesting. As you view each link, consider the following questions:

  • What are some typical foods from Oaxaca? What are their ingredients?
  • How would you describe an alebrije to someone who’s never seen one?
  • What makes black pottery from Oaxaca so different from other types of pottery?
  • Where could you bargain for some of these items? What percentage can one usually bargain at a mercado?

Alebrijes (English)
Enjoy an inventive presentation of these imaginative creatures.

Black Pottery from Oaxaca (Spanish)
See some examples of black pottery.

Brida, Banda de Rock Oaxaqueño (Spanish)
Learn about a contemporary rock band in Oaxaca.


Review your notes. On your own, or with a classmate, prepare a tour for a group of tourists visiting the mercado in Oaxaca. You need to prepare options for the travelers.

Among the group, you have travelers who can spend $75.oo, $50.00, and $25.00. On average, you know that tourists spend $30.00 in the restaurant, $20.00 at the alebrije stand, and $15.00 or more at the black pottery stand.

To make up your tour, you need to combine the options available to travelers for a set price. Remember to convert your dollars to pesos. (You can check the exchange rate here <LINK TO IMEX>.) Include your descriptions of the objects or places that they’ll find next to each option. Read your tour to the class or save it in your portfolio.


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