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Les repas et la nourriture     Au marché     À la cantine

In-class activities for students: Try these activities with a classmate or two or on your own!


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Les repas et la nourriture

The French are world-renowned for their cuisine. Many French restaurants in the United States serve rich, complex dishes, often with creamy sauces. Delicious though these foods are, the average French person does not eat such rich foods day in and day out. Nevertheless, many of the more commonly found dishes are very tasty.

Browse around in a mouth-watering Web site on French cuisine. Take the opportunity to learn more French words for types of foods. Make a list of fruit and vegetable names that are new to you.

Choose recipes for a complete meal (appetizer, main course, and dessert). Then compare the meal you've put together with those your classmates devise.

One interesting cultural note: In France, the entrée is the first course, not the main dish.

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Au marché

Open-air markets are not uncommon sights in France, both in big cities and in quaint villages. The French enjoy shopping for fresh produce and other goods at these lively markets.

Now that you've chosen some recipes that appeal to you, imagine that you are going to shop for the ingredients. Look at a Web site listing open-air markets in the south of France to find out where you can make your purchases today. Be sure to note the times at which the markets are open. If it's already afternoon, you may have to put off your shopping until tomorrow morning.

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À la cantine

There seems to be no end to the food sites on the Internet! You can find recipes for and information about foods from all over the French-speaking world, as well as other parts of the globe.

Look at the two cookbook Web sites listed below. Decide what kind of food you feel like eating, and seek out recipes that would satisfy your craving. If you were saying to yourself, «Je voudrais de la viande», what dishes would appeal to you? Ask your classmates what they're in the mood for, and find recipes that you think might please them.

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