Bonne route Thème: Cars and driving

Une leçon de conduite     Extension

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Une leçon de conduite

If you were to take a car trip through Canada, you might be interested in some advance information on driving and roads there.

Look at the Web site of the Quebec national traffic police. What information does it give you on driving in Quebec? What seem to be the principal concerns of the traffic police? Do they remind you of some of the traffic problems in your hometown?

Before you take your trip, you should also take a look at a Web site that tells you which roads are under construction. Does the information you find seem useful to you?

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If you're using McDougal Littell's Discovering French: Blanc refer to Unité 9, Leçon 34, pp. 462-469.

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If you're familiar with Canada at all, you know the winter weather there can get pretty extreme. That's why there's a Web site on precautions drivers should take in case of bad weather.

Read through the advice for drivers in various weather conditions. State whether the precautions would make sense in the climate where you live. Write some advice for drivers on handling weather conditions in your area that are not listed on the Web site.

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