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In-class activities for students: Try these activities with a classmate or two or on your own!


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Le weekend et les vacances

Lucky you! You get to take a vacation anywhere in the French-speaking world. Look at some travel packages from French travel bureaus and hotels. Check the lists of amenities and activities.

Pick out the package that looks the most interesting, the one that looks the most boring, and the one that costs the most. Describe each one. What do you find particularly interesting or boring? Does the most expensive one appeal to you? Why do you think it's so costly?

Web Links:

Unité 8, Leçon 29, pp. 304-305.


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Qui a de la chance?

French students are at least as interested in music as you are. They're into rock 'n' roll and a variety of other styles. Not surprisingly, the largest concert stages, Bercy and Zénith, are in Paris, but cities throughout France have active music scenes and enthusiastic fans.

Check out a couple of entertainment Web sites. At the Pariscope site, see if you can find out what's playing au Zénith et à Bercy. Do any upcoming concerts look interesting to you? Are any of the names familiar?

At the other site, get a feel for what's playing in and around Lille, in the north of France. Can you tell what type of music a group plays just by looking at its name?

Web Links:

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Talk about places you have and have not visited. First, briefly describe each place featured in the Web sites listed below. Then tell whether you have ever been to that place.

Talk with your classmates about the places they have visited. Ask them whom they were with, when they visited the places, whether they enjoyed their visits, and whether they brought back any souvenirs.

Web Links:

Unité 8, Leçon 32, pp. 334-335.

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