Soyez à la mode! Thème: Shopping for clothing

Achetons des vêtements!     Extension 1     Extension 2

In-class activities for students: Try these activities with a classmate or two or on your own!

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Achetons des vêtements!

If you are searching for a particular kind of boutique or shop, the Internet is a great place to look. You can find listings of just about any type of store you can name.

Browse through the website of the mall Le Carrousel du Louvre. Note how many stores carry clothing. How many different types of clothing shops can you identify?

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If you're using McDougal Littell's Discovering French: Blanc refer to Unité 7, Leçon 25, pp. 342-353.

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Extension 1

For truly convenient shopping, several French catalogs have gone on-line. Now you can look through the latest offerings without having to persuade a French catalog company to spring for international postage!

Look through the Web sites for two of the most popular catalogs in France. Find examples of clothing articles whose names you know. Pick out a few you would be willing to wear in public, and check out the prices. Does the clothing seem costly to you? From what you've seen, would you guess it's more expensive to put together a wardrobe in France or in your part of the world?

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Extension 2

But enough about prices. Isn't is much more fun to picture yourself on an unlimited budget?

Imagine you're about to travel to a town in France, but you simply have nothing to wear! First, check the weather forecast for this week in your town of choice to make sure you'll know what kind of clothes to buy. Then peruse a fashion Web site and pick out clothes by some of the hottest designers for your trip. (Some of the links on the fashion site require a password, but the rest will let you view picutres for free.) Which items will you buy and bring on your trip?

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