Chez nous Thème: Talking about the past

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In-class activities for students: Try these activities with a classmate or two or on your own!

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À Menthon-Saint-Bernard

Have you ever considered a career as a reporter? Some students from France and Canada are exploring that option, and they've started a newspaper on the Internet. All the articles and photos on Cyber Presse are by students.

Browse through the cyberpaper and find some articles that interest you. Then talk about your impressions as you read the articles. Were you interested or bored? Were you impressed by what you read?

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If you're using McDougal Littell's Discovering French: Blanc refer to Unité 6, Leçon 23, pp. 314-325.

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Montrez-moi vos papiers!

Almost everyone loves a good mystery—and here's your chance to learn about some real-life unsolved crimes.

You can access the most popular French newspapers and magazines on the Web. Look for articles about unsolved mysteries or burglaries. In your own words, describe the circumstances of each event and the physical conditions under which it took place.

If you're having trouble finding a mystery in today's news, try an event in the celebrity news—what has your favorite movie star been doing lately?

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If you're using McDougal Littell's Discovering French: Blanc refer to Unité 6, Leçon 24, pp. 326-335.

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Now think back on your recent Internet explorations. Write about an event that happened to you while you were surfing the Net. Where were you when it happened? What day was it? What were you in the process of doing? What was the event?



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