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La francophonie     Un mois à Paris!     Les Français et l'auto

In-class activities for students: Try these activities with a classmate or two or on your own!


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La francophonie

What kinds of statistics can you find about la francophonie? Use the Web to find out

how many people speak French worldwide

which nations are French-speaking

the "national profiles" of French-speaking countries


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Unité 5, Leçon 17, pp. 140-143.


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Un mois à Paris!

What will you do during your vacation in Paris? Check this on-line calendar for events in Paris, and plan your activities day by day for all four weeks. Write out a detailed daily schedule, including hours and dates for trips to monuments, art expositions, concerts--whatever you're most interested in doing.

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Unité 5, Leçon 18, pp. 148-157.


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Les Français et l'auto

Many of the cars we drive are manufactured in Europe. France is one of the leading producers of automobiles in the world, although French cars are rare here in the United States. Take a look at the Web sites of three French car manufacturers.

Would you like to own one of these cars? Why or why not?

Does anyone in your family drive one of these cars?

Describe your family car in French, being sure to mention its color and model.

Can you find a Web site devoted to your favorite car?


Try writing a description of your dream car in French:

What make and model would it be?

What color?

How fast would it go?

Where would you buy it?

Where would you drive it?


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Unité 5, Leçon 20, pp. 170-175.

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