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Mes activités     Notes culturelles     À la télé

In-class activities for students: Try these activities with a classmate or two or on your own!


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Mes activités

Take a look at the French pop-culture Web sites listed below--you might be surprised at how much you have in common with young French people.

As you check these links, watch for Web sites about games, music, or sports that are new to you. Take notes in French, comparing these activities with things you already enjoy, like this:

J'aime l'équitation.

Mais je préfère le volley.

Je ne veux pas jouer aux échecs.

Share your favorite sites with your classmates. Ask them about their interests. Then, in French, tell them about Web sites they might like:

Est-ce que tu veux écouter la radio?


Alors, va visiter le site du Radio Canada.


Web Links:


Unité 4, Leçon 13, pp. 88-93.


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Notes Culturelles: Le Sénégal et l'UNESCO

Take an up-to-date look at some aspects of international French culture.


Le Sénégal

Senegal is a country in western Africa, whose capital is Dakar. Its population includes 17 different tribes, all speaking their own dialects. Because of the historical and cultural ties between Senegal and France, Senegal has adopted French as its official language.



UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) was founded in 1946 to promote international cooperation in education, science, and the arts. The organization has its headquarters in Paris and is staffed by people from all member countries.


Web Links:


Unité 4, Leçon 16, pp. 118-125.


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À la télé

In France, TV viewers can choose from six main channels. Much of these channels' programming is listed on-line. Visit their Web sites, and plan a weekend of French TV watching.

Compare programming on different channels. Are there any channels with specialized programming, devoted to such areas as arts or entertainment? Can you find any programs you recognize? What are some of the programs you've never heard of? What kinds of sports can French TV viewers enjoy?


Web Links:


Unité 4, Entracte 4, p. 129.


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