McDougal Littell WebQuest

Process and ResourcesProcess & Resources

Step 1

Review "Early Meso-American Civilizations"

Your teacher will divide you into groups of three to five. As a group, review the content about Mayan civilization. Discuss different aspects of Mayan culture that you might like to learn more about in your research. As part of your review, listen to the following story.

Starting with a Story: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Click on Travel Log to get to your resources and worksheet.

Travel Log: The World of the Maya
Step 2


As a team, use the resources listed in your Travel Log to research Mayan civilization and record your findings on the worksheet. The Travel Log will help your team organize the presentation. As you research, select examples of images you think would work well in your presentation. Be sure to sketch them or save the addresses (URLs) of the Web pages where you found them so you can go back and use them later.

Do not forget to use your textbook as a reference to help answer some of the questions on the worksheet.
ALERT! It is highly recommended that you visit the Evaluation section before your group starts researching Mayan civilization.
Step 3

Create a Presentation to the King

Once you have finished your research, discuss with your group the things you would like to include in your presentation. The presentation must have a two-paragraph introduction to the Mayan civilization with a picture that illustrates something interesting about Mayan life. You must also have multiple slides on the following topics:
  • the geography of Meso-America and its importance to the Maya
  • the importance of astronomical observations to the Maya
  • religion and temples
  • cities
  • the role of kings
  • daily activities of the Mayan people

Write a short paragraph for each slide. If possible, have at least one picture per slide to illustrate your information.