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In the WebQuest Kublai Khan and the Mongol Empire, each student will write a report providing Kublai Khan with information he will use to prepare a speech for the people of Beijing. Students will be placed in one of three departments: Culture, Economics, or Imperial History. Their reports will include specific recommendations about what information Kublai should use in his speech and why.
Students who do exemplary work on this WebQuest will learn about
  • the dynasties that immediately proceeded the Mongols
  • various aspects of Chinese culture
  • China's economy and how the Mongols expanded China's economy
  • an understanding of the Mongols, Kublai Khan's family, and Kublai Khan himself
  • elements of a report, including the introduction, body, and conclusion format
When to use this WebQuest The Kublai Khan and the Mongol Empire WebQuest works well after students have read Chapter 7, "China Builds an Empire" in World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times. This provides students an opportunity to review the chapter content in a fun and engaging way.

Worksheets Print out worksheets for the Department of Culture, Department of Economics, and Department of Imperial History. The questions will guide students' research and encourage them to keep thinking about how their research will help Kublai Khan's speech. Advise the students to use their worksheet to help outline their report.

How to guide research There are a variety of topics within each department that can be researched. Remind students that no matter what topic they are researching, they should always be thinking about specific recommendations they can make for Kublai's speech. Encourage them to think about Kublai's audience-what kind of information would be important to the people of Beijing?

Resources Students should use Chapter 7 of World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times as a source of information. If computer time is limited, students can use the textbook while waiting to get online. Encourage students to read the descriptions of the preselected Web sites. Students may need to be taught how to scan Web sites to target the information they need. There is also a McDougal Littell interactive map of China for student use.

Reports Review the elements of an essay with students-introduction, body, and conclusion. Remind them that this format is part of what they will be graded on. You can have students who worked in different departments exchange papers so they can review material they did not research.