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Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

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  • Research Rapa Nui and investigate the theories historians and archaeologists have about the site.
  • Find a map of the Pacific Ocean and show the location of Rapa Nui.
  • Collect examples of artifacts and other visual evidence for your exhibit. Determine what information will be included in the exhibit.
  • Print the worksheet and answer the questions. Use the worksheet to help organize your exhibit. Remember to use McDougal Littell's Web Research Guide for help on citing your sources.

You will need to learn about Rapa Nui and where it is located. You will investigate theories about why people may have carved and placed statues on this island. Learn about the evidence that has been found to support these theories. Use the resources below for your research.

Print Worksheet
Secrets of Lost Empires, Easter Island: Nova Online / wgbh / nova / lostempires / easter /
Read about how the megaliths may have been moved across the island. There are also articles about the reasons these statues may have been built.

Mystic Places, Easter Island: Discovery Channel / mysticplaces / EasterIsland.asp
Learn more about the moai (statues), theories about why they were built, and how they were moved.

Easter Island Home Page: David Y. Brookman / ~trance / rapanui.html
Read an overview of the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) itself, some information about the people, and some theories about the statues and their meaning.

Easter Island Map: University of Texas Library / maps / islands_oceans_poles / easterisland.jpg
This is a map of Easter Island.

U.S. National Archives / exhibit_hall /
Explore online exhibits at the U.S. National Archives for ideas on how to design your team's exhibit.

Linus Pauling, A Centenary Exhibit: Oregon State University Libraries / exhibit / index.htm
Explore this online exhibit for ideas on how to design your team's exhibit.

Learning About Ancient Civilizations: The British Museum / home_set.html
Explore this highly interactive site about ancient civilizations for ideas on how to design your team's exhibit.

McDougal Littell Web Research Guide / books / research_guide /
Here you will find guidelines and tips for researching, evaluating, and citing Internet sources.

Early Human Migration to 10,000 years ago
This interactive map shows human migration in prehistoric times.