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World Languages

Vocabulary Training http://www.vokabel.com /
Test your vocabulary knowledge of German, French, or Spanish words in such categories as food, home, professions, weather, animals, travel, and soccer.

Le Parisien http://www.leparisien.fr / home / index.htm
An online French daily newspaper with current news and information.

Web de México http://mexico.udg.mx /
Learn about the art, geography, history, tourism, economy of Mexico. Click on "Cocina" for hundreds of recipes gathered from different regions in Mexico.

ABC Español http://www.abc.es /
Follow the daily news in Madrid, Sevilla, Toledo, and Cataluña in this online edition of ABC—one of the leading news providers in Spain.

Civilisation française http://www.cortland.edu / flteach / civ /
Read all about French culture, history, cuisine, economy, and society in this tutorial. Many of the mini-lessons provide audio files and interactive prompts.