Creating America
Creating America

Chapter Objectives

Section 1

1. To identify why the Proclamation of 1763 angered so many colonists.
2. To describe the debate over taxes and troops in the colonies.
3. To explain the Stamp Act.
4. To examine how the colonists forced Britain to repeal the Stamp Act.

Section 2
1. To explain the Townshend Acts.
2. To describe why and how the colonists protested the Townshend Acts.
3. To explain the Boston Massacre.
4. To summarize the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party.
Section 3
1. To describe the Intolerable Acts.
2. To explain how the colonies wavered between war and peace.
3. To profile the Midnight Ride.
4. To describe the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Section 4
1. To describe the early skirmishes between the Continental and British armies.
2. To profile British and American responses to the deepening conflict.
3. To summarize Thomas Paine's Common Sense.
4. To explain how colonial leaders officially declared their independence from Britain.



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