Creating America
Creating America

Interdisciplinary Challenge: Fight for Representative Government!
Posters American Style
Gain inspiration to create your own poster or cartoon from this Smithsonian exhibition of poster art in America. Provides a wonderful selection of posters, as well as an examination of the motives, messages, and processes behind them.

USA Today Snapshot
For great ideas on the creative use of charts and graphs, browse this index of daily "snapshots" posted on the USA Today Web site.

Literature Connections: Revolution
Russian Revolution Resources
Collection of links to research materials including primary sources, biographies, and essays

Ireland's Troubled History
This special feature provides a thorough introduction to the history of the Irish struggle against British rule; it includes an overview, timeline, key points, Web links, and news

History Workshop: Raise the Liberty Pole
The Continental Colors
Account of the dedication or raising of liberty trees and poles, and images of the first flags flown on the Liberty Pole

"Liberty Tree" by Thomas Paine
The poem "Liberty Tree," written by Thomas Paine, celebrates the struggle against tyranny that the famous meeting spot underneath a large poplar tree came to symbolize

Section 1: Tighter British Control
George III (1760-1820 AD)
Concise biography of George III followed by a guide to his ancestors and offspring

The Stamp Act Riots and Tar and Feathering
Examination of the outraged reaction of colonists to the Stamp Act of 1765

Sons of Liberty: Patriots or Terrorists?
Thoughtful essay that provides details about the formation, purpose, and actions of the Sons of Liberty and examines their legacy from both British and American perspectives

Section 2: Colonial Resistance Grows
Crispus Attucks
Account of the escape from slavery of Crispus Attucks, his subsequent years working as a sailor, and finally his role in the Boston Massacre

The Boston Tea Party
Overview of the Boston and the Edenton Ladies' Tea Parties, accompanied by an audio/video clip of scholar Pauline Majer describing the event

The Committee of Correspondence: Moving Towards Independence
Detailed essay on the formation, key figures, and impact of the Committee of Correspondence

Section 3: The Road to Lexington and Concord
The Intolerable Acts, 1774
Excerpts from the five acts, collectively known as the Intolerable Acts, designed to bring the colonies back into submission of the British King

Loyalist, British Songs & Poetry of the American Revolution
Complete text of twelve songs expressing Loyalist sentiments, followed by links to resources about Loyalist groups and to primary source documents such as protests against Thomas Paine's Common Sense

Paul Revere Biography
Information about Revere's life, times, work, and of course, the Midnight Ride

Section 4: Declaring Independence
Abigail Adams
A look at the life of Abigail Adams—her girlhood, education, marriage, support of the Revolution, accomplished letter writing, and stance for the rights of women

The Second Continental Congress
Account of the conditions surrounding the formation of the Second Continental Congress, accompanied by an audio/video clip of scholar Richard Norton Smith speaking about George Washington and the Continental Congress

Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents
Background information about the Declaration of Independence and a chronology of the events surrounding its writing, with links to the complete text of the document and to related sites



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