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The Tale of Genji

Tale of Genji Home Page as/ students/ genji/ homepage.html
The Tale of Genji is considered by many to be the first novel in the history of literature. This majestic tale follows Prince Genji as he tries to win the affection of different women. This site provides a short biography of Lady Murasaki, a summary of her novel, and details about the Heian Period—the time during which the novel was written.

UNESCO: Tale of Genji genji/ en/ index.shtml
In 1650, Harumusa Yamamoto published a sixty-volume woodcut print book of The Tale of Genji. UNESCO sponsors this Web site and shares the detailed prints (227 in all) that tell the story of Prince Genji and his family.

The Tale of Genji
Like many who have traveled to Japan and fallen in love with its culture, the creator of this site wants to recreate the experience for others online. After reading The Tale of Genji, Craig Emmott decided to learn everything about the novel and the period in which it was written. This Web site is the outcome of his research. Experience the world of Genji and the Heian court through the lens of this photo guide.

The Costume Museum: The Rebirth of The Tale of Genji english/ index.htm
The Costume Museum brings to life the world of the nobility of the Heian Period. Hikaru Genji, Murasaki-no-ue, and their exclusive world are recreated in this exhibit, which offers a rich and deep understanding of the costumes of the Heian Period. Click on "The Tale of Genji" to find a brief summary of the story, along with information about its author. To see the museum's miniature version of the type of mansion Genji would've lived in, click on "The Spring Palace."