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Welcome to World Literature

Experience the world—past and present! World Literature ClassZone is your gateway to the literature, history, and arts of different cultures from around the world. Begin your journey by selecting a part from the menu below. Activities, interactive maps, and many wonderful Web sites are just a few of the resources that await you.

Choose a part to begin your exploration.

Unit 1:

Part 1: Ancient Middle East
Part 2: Ancient India

Unit 2:

Part 1: Ancient Greece
Part 2: Ancient Rome

Unit 3:

Part 1: Ancient China
Part 2: Japan

Unit 4:

Part 1: Persia and Arabia
Part 2: West Africa

Unit 5:

Part 1: Middle Ages
Part 2: Renaissance and Enlightenment

Unit 6:

Part 1: Romanticism
Part 2: Realism

Unit 7:

Part 1: Modernism
Part 2: War and Conflict
Part 3: Nobel Prize Winners