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Chapter Assessment Internet Activity

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the preselected Web sites provided below to gather additional information, broaden your knowledge, and complete the end-of-chapter Internet activity.

Connect To Today

The Spread of Islam

Between 600 and 1200, Islam provided a powerful force of unity, eventually linking lands from Spain to Iran. Islam became established in many lands. Work with a team to create maps and charts showing countries where Muslims live in our world.

Using the Internet or almanacs, do research to find the countries in which Islam is practiced today.

  • Using a world map, identify by colors the countries of the world where Muslims can be found as a part of the culture. Devise a color code that shows countries where Islam spread between 600 and 1200.

Spread of the Muslim Empire Map schwww/ sch618/ Travelers/ Maps.html
Map of the spread of the Muslim Empire.

Muslim Distribution Map maps/ world_maps/ muslim_distribution.jpg
Map of Muslim distribution throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe.

In Focus: The World of Islam ngm/ data/ 2002/ 01/ 01/ html/ ft_20020101.5.html#
National Geographic site with articles, images, multimedia presentations, links, and forum discussions on Islam.

Muslim Countries Database
Database of Muslim countries providing a brief synopsis of their system of government, as well as a map and photos.

Muslim World Journey countries/ index.htm
Links to Internet sites for Muslim countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.