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Research Links

The Internet contains a wealth of information, but sometimes it's a little tricky to find what you need. Whether you are researching a specific topic, completing an assigned activity, or simply trying to learn more about the world around you, your search can begin sooner than you think!

By using the preselected Web sites provided below you will be able to narrow your search, answer assigned questions, and save precious time. Simply follow the links to find valuable research materials and activity support. There's a lot of information in here, happy hunting!

Section 1: Struggles for Democracy

Oscar Romero tour/ martyrs/ 6_or.htm
Biography of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Evita Peron Historical Research Foundation
Site contains photographs and a biography along with other information on Evita and her legacy.

Section 2: Democratic Challenges in African Nations

Hopes on the Horizon hopes/
Profiles of six African countries and their prospects for stability and democracy.

Section 3: Gorbachev Moves Towards Democracy

Gorbachev europe/ gorbachev.html
Biography of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Mikhail Gorbachev's Home Page GreenCrossFamily/ gorby/ activities.html
Gorbachev's home page contains biographical information, texts of speeches, and information about his most recent work.

Southern Poverty Law Center index.jsp
Web site of the watchdog group that monitors neo-nazis and other hate groups, and provides educational materials for teaching tolerance.

Berlin Wall gb/ berlin.htm
Online exhibit commemorating the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Triumph of Solidarity gen/ 20th/ coldwar8.html
Brief essay on the triumph of the Polish popular movement led by Solidarity trade union leader Lech Walesa. Includes photographs of major political figures of the time and links to additional resources on the Web.

Section 4: Collapse of the Soviet Union

Balkans Special Report wp-srv/ inatl/ longterm/ balkans/ contents.htm
Essays and multimedia photojournalism special by The Washington Post on Bosnia's struggle for peace.

The Soviet Union's Last Stand history/ worldwars/ coldwar/ soviet_stand_01.shtml
A discussion of what Really Happened During the Final Days of the Soviet Union.

Section 5: China Follows Its Own Path

Tianenmen: 1989 www1/ sdc/ tiananmen.html
A pictorial history of the Tianenmen Square demonstration in China.

China and the Four Modernizations, 1979–1982 history/ prc4.html#fourmodern
An essay on the Four Modernizations within a larger history of China.

Hong Kong Transition Project %7Ehktp/
Extensive information on the 1997 transfer of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China and its impact on life and culture.