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Let's go on a WebQuest! Use these inquiry-oriented activities to search for information or complete an assigned task. A WebQuest not only enhances your knowledge of a topic, but it is also a fun way to unleash the wonders of the World Wide Web!

Come to Canada web/ canada.html
You have been thinking of moving from your homeland to the world's second largest country, but before you go you need to do a little research. What are the economic opportunities, cultural happenings, and climate like? Is it cold in Canada? This Web site offers information about all aspects of life in this vast country.

Fifty States Webquest Schools/ beam/ WebQuests/ 50%20States/ 50%20States%20WebQuest.htm
What is the state flower of Colorado? What is Illinois' nickname? This WebQuest will tour the 50 states and give you the resources to discover the similarities and differences between states from sea to shining sea.