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World Cultures and Geography: Eastern
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Let's go on a WebQuest! Use these inquiry-oriented activities to search for information or complete an assigned task. A WebQuest not only enhances your knowledge of a topic, but it is also a fun way to unleash the wonders of the World Wide Web!

Mission Impossible: European Adventure academics/ education/ projects/ webquests/ europe/
In this WebQuest, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help the U.S. Secret Service locate a "phantom country." This country is referred to in secret messages that have been decoded recently. The messages reveal clues which will help you to identify the "phantom country." There are a lot of countries in Europe, can you figure out which is the right one?

Planning a school trip around English castles 45/ 69/ 0/070123041226/
Are you good at planning? Can you prepare an interesting travel? Here is a challenging task for you! Your class is going to England for a five-days trip, visiting castles and you need to organize travel, accomodation and interesting activities linked to castle life.