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World Cultures and Geography: Eastern
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Natural Resources of Europe

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the preselected Web sites provided below to gather additional information, broaden your knowledge, and complete these end-of-chapter activities.

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Chapter 3 Assessment:
Natural Resources of Europe

Use the Internet to research the natural resources of Europe. Focus on one region, such as the Ruhr Valley, the Mediterranean Sea, or the independent republics of Eastern Europe. Identify the major natural resources and explain how they contributed to that region's development.

Presenting Your Findings Organize your research for a class presentation. Include a map that shows the region and its resources. Prepare a short oral report about how that region has developed in modern times. List the Web sites you used to prepare your report.

CIA: World Factbook library/ publications/ the-world-factbook/ index.html
The main natural resources of countries throughout the world are listed on this Web site. countries.html
This Web site gives information about the natural resources of countries throughout the world.