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Recommended Web Sites Science

NASA KIDS http://www.nasakids.com/
An excellent science resource, NASA provides in-depth articles about space exploration, rockets and airplanes, the earth, and astronauts living in space. Learn all about weather patterns, tsunamis, hurricanes, the moon, Apollo 11, the Space Shuttle, careers in NASA, careers in aeronautics, and much more. Many articles also include excellent visuals.

WebElements™ Periodic Table http://www.webelements.com/ webelements/ scholar/ index.html
Research the structure, uses, and history of the elements. Mark Winters, the creator of WebElements, provides a description of the elements and many pictures showing their structures and periodic properties. In addition, you can download your own printable periodic table.

The Smithsonian from A to Z http://www.si.edu/ Encyclopedia_SI/ start.htm
Interested in learning more about fossils, oceanography, insects, or tropical rain forests? Start your exploration by consulting this index of Encyclopedia Smithsonian's resources.

The Exploratorium: the Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception http://www.exploratorium.org/
What is human perception and how do we see objects? How do scientists study the earth's atmosphere and global changes in the climate? How is skateboarding governed by the principles of centripetal force, gravity, friction, and momentum? The Exploratorium Museum, housed in San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, provides an array of high-interest online exhibits that will answer these and many other questions.

National Geographic http://www.nationalgeographic.com/
View the Site Index in this online version of the popular magazine National Geographic to get a sense of the types of materials available here. You'll find sections on maps and geography, nature and conservation, science and space, and archaeology and paleontology. Visit the Kids section for amazing facts, articles, fun and games, and much more.

Environmental Protection Agency—Student Center http://www.epa.gov/ students/
The EPA Student Center is geared specifically toward middle- and high-school students. Use the resources on this site to explore a range of environmental issues, including conservation, the ecosystem, human health, and air quality. You can also find out more about the environmental issues affecting your community.