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Recommended Web Sites Math

MacTutor History of Mathematics http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/ ~history/ index.html
Access biographies of famous mathematicians, and discover the history of mathematics in a variety of cultures.

PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia http://www.mathacademy.com/ pr/ prime/ index.asp
What?s an acute angle? What is a matrix? Who disputed Aristotle's theory of infinite numbers? You will find these and many other answers in the PRIME Mathematics Encyclopedia. Browse the encyclopedia alphabetically, or type in a word and click "GO." Topics include basic math concepts, algebra, calculus, geometry, biographies, and many others.

Math in Daily Life http://www.learner.org/ exhibits/ dailymath/
Ever wonder why math concepts matter in your life? Visit this site to learn why math is important in everyday decision-making. For example, by understanding the basics of compounding interest, you can learn how to save money and manage credit cards. By using basic geometry skills, you will be able to figure out the area of any room in your house.

The Math Forum: Student Center http://mathforum.org/ students/
Find math resources organized by grade level and topic at Drexel University's Math Forum site. Use the Ask Dr. Math and the Internet Mathematics Library features for help with projects and research.