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Citing Web Sources Sample MLA Citations

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Format for Professional or Personal Site

Author/editor. Title (or description) of the site. Name of any institution or organization associated with the site. Your access date <URL>.

Ruch, Allen B. Gabriel García Márquez: Macondo. The Modern Word. 5 May 2002 <http://www.TheModernWord.com/gabo>.

Sedivy, Dave. Mr. Sedivy World History Highlands Ranch High School. 10 July 2002 <http://members.tripod.com/~mr_sedivy/world.html>.

Format for Magazine Article

Author. "Title of the article." Title of the magazine date of publication. Your access date <URL>.

Cahill, Tim. "Lewis and Clark Get Lost." National Geographic Adventure Magazine April 2002. 5 April 2002 <http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/0204/story.html#story_1>.

Format for Journal Article

Author. "Title of article or work." Name of journal volume or issue number (date of publication): total number of pages, paragraphs, or other sections (if they are given). Your access date <URL>.

Morrow, Bradford. "The Emerson Madrigal." Conjunctions 29 (Fall 1997). 24 April 2001 <http://www.conjunctions.com/archives/c29-bm.htm>.

Format for Newspaper Article

Author. "Title of article." Title of newspaper. Date of publication. Your access date <URL>.

Horovitz, Bruce. "Fast-food giants always trying new tastes.USA Today 3 July 2002. 5 July 2002 <http://www.usatoday.com/money/general/2002/07/03/fast-food.htm>.

Format for Scholarly Project or Database

Title of project or database. Name of editor of the project or database. Date of publication or of the latest update. Name of any sponsoring organization or institution. Your access date <URL>.

Voice of the Shuttle. Ed. Alan Liu. Oct. 2001. U. California, Santa Barbara. 3 July 2002 <http://vos.ucsb.edu/index.asp>.

For more examples and to learn about changes or revisions to the MLA citation guidelines, visit the MLA official site.

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