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Tests include many types of questions that assess your knowledge of vocabulary, or the meanings of words. In one type of question, you are given a sentence in which a word is underlined. You are then asked to choose another sentence in which that word has the same meaning. Here is a typical question:

I will review both the printed material in my textbook and my homework assignments in preparation for the test.

A. The critic wrote a very bad review of the new movie.

B. Review the recipe carefully before beginning to cook.

C. The general will review the troops at 1:00.

D. Many actors never read the reviews of their performances.

The following strategies can help you answer these types of questions:

  1. Read the sentence carefully, noting the meaning of the underlined word.
  2. Then read each of the answer choices. Pay special attention to the way the underlined word is used and to the part of speech it is. In the sample question, review is used in the sentence as a verb that means "to examine or study again." That is also the way in which the word is used in sentence B. In contrast, review is used as a noun that means "a critical evaluation" in sentences A and D, and as a verb that means "to inspect" in sentence C. The correct answer, therefore, is B.

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