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Lesson 1: Tenuously Connected
Lesson 2: Back to Business
Lesson 3: Bank Balance
Lesson 4: The Scales of Justice
Lesson 5: Order in the Court
Lesson 6: Good Medicine
Lesson 7: Over, Across, and Beyond
Lesson 8: We, the People
Lesson 9: The Good Earth
Lesson 10: Life as We Knew It
Lesson 11: Bricks and Mortar
Lesson 12: From the Front Lines
Lesson 13: It's the Little Things
Lesson 14: To Your Health
Lesson 15: What's Cooking?
Lesson 16: Hold Everything
Lesson 17: Costume Shop
Lesson 18: Customs and Conventions
Lesson 19: That's My Inclination
Lesson 20: Goals and Ambitions
Lesson 21: What's It Like?
Lesson 22: Mood Swings
Lesson 23: From Glad to Glum
Lesson 24: Acting Up
Lesson 25: Put It into Practice
Lesson 26: A Penny for Your Thoughts
Lesson 27: Join the Crowd
Lesson 28: Science Project
Lesson 29: That's Not Nice!
Lesson 30: Time, Space, and Motion
Lesson 31: Anchors Aweigh
Lesson 32: Ways to Praise