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U.S. Civil Rights Laws

Telephone Conversation / from Midsummer
U.S. Civil Rights Laws (p. 1287)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

Investigate the history of civil rights legislation in the United States since 1950. What civil rights laws have been enacted? What events led to their enactment? How have the laws affected race relations?

United States Commission on Civil Rights index.html
Here is the home page of the governmental organization that studies civil rights and investigates abuses and discrimination. The site includes current news and information on filing complaints.

Welcome to the Civil Rights Project
From Harvard University, this is the Web site for the Civil Rights Project, whose purpose is to study the prospects for civil rights for minorities in the United States. The site includes a good list of links to other civil rights sites.

Welcome to the National Civil Rights Museum
This is the Web site of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, which contains an illustrated, interactive online tour of the history of the civil rights movement.

Racial Equality RacialEquality/ RacialEqualityMain.cfm
From the American Civil Liberties Union, this is a comprehensive site with very current information on civil rights successes and abuses.

Civil Rights Division, Department of Justice crt/ crt-home.html
Part of the federal government's Web site, this page provides information on our government's ongoing involvement in protecting civil rights.