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Author Study Project: Creating a Magazine

William Shakespeare Author Study
Author Study Project: Creating a Magazine (p. 422)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

Work with a group of classmates to research the London of Shakespeare’s day, then present your findings in a special-edition magazine called London Life. Your magazine should contain illustrations, maps, and articles that provide information about different aspects of London life—for example, religion and politics; theater and literature; science, health, and hygiene; upper-class life; and the London poor. Organize the work equitably, with some group members concentrating on illustrations, others on research, others on writing and editing, and so on.

Primary Sources Investigate editions of letters, diaries, pamphlets, and other writings by people of the time.

Secondary Sources Consult general histories, social histories, and biographies of Shakespeare. Especially useful are books that combine biography and social history such as Marchette Chute’s Shakespeare of London. Also consult books on specific subjects, such as the history of the English Theater.

World Wide Web Sites Reliable Web sites can provide a wealth of detail, including addresses to which you can write for more information. Consider searching for keywords such as Shakespeare, Elizabethan society, theater museums, and London tourist information. Also look at the Web sites of English and drama departments of major universities.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Learn all about Shakespeare by browsing through the wealth of resources on this site, including a detailed time line, primary-source documents, information on the Globe theatre, Elizabethan performance, and links to other Shakespeare sites on the Web.

Shakespeare Illustrated ENGLISH/ classes/ Shakespeare_Illustrated/ Shakespeare.html
A collection of paintings inspired by Shakespeare's works, collected and described by Harry Rusche of Emory University.

Shakespeare and Elizabethan England schools/ springfield/ eliz/ elizabethanengland.html
An excellent student site full of fascinating information on Elizabethan life.