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Brain Calisthenics

from Essays
Brain Calisthenics (p. 448)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

According to Sir Francis Bacon, a variety of studies is needed to stimulate the different functions of the brain. Investigate current research on the brain and its functions. Report on two or three functions, listing activities that can strengthen each of them.

Decade of the Brain Home Page (Library of Congress) loc/ brain/
General information on the 1990s as the "decade of the brain," with some links to further information.

NOVA Online—Coma-Brain Geography wgbh/ nova/ coma/ geography/
Information from the NOVA television show on brain geography and brain research.

Sir Francis Bacon Meets the Advancement of Learning toc.html
A well-done, entertaining, and informative page devoted to Bacon. Also includes excellent links.

NIMH Web Site
The National Institute of Mental Health home page, with links to current research, including the human brain project.