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Researching Angels

from Paradise Lost
Researching Angels (p. 492)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

Research an aspect of the Judeo-Christian concept of angels touched on in Paradise Lost. For example, you might find out more about the different orders of angels (seraphim, cherubim, and so on) or about the idea of the fall of rebellious angels led by Satan. Present your findings in an oral report.

All About Angels cathen/ 01476d.htm
From the Web site of the Catholic Encyclopedia, this site has general articles on angels in the Bible and in art, as well as articles on specific angels.

The Milton-L Home Page ~creamer/ milton/
A site that "endeavors to be a complete guide to Milton and related resources on the Internet."

Angel Ring Athens/ Acropolis/ 1652/
This site offers a large collection of popular stories about angels, as well as discussing the biblical view of angels.